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Your feet are made of 26 bones connected by a tissue network of ligaments, muscles, and tendons. However, the slightest malalignment of foot bones causes the foot structure to break down, or overpronate.


Overpronation can cause:

  • tired flat feet
  • weak ankles
  • crooked toes
  • bunions
  • corns
  • calluses
  • arch strain
  • heel pain
  • low back pressure
  • neck pain

Yes, with Prescription Orthotics.

Prescription orthotics are medically engineered shoe inserts that gently keep foot bones and tissues properly aligned.

Prescription orthotics hold the foot in its most neutral position to control overpronation and prevent the foot's structure from breaking down.

Why Prescription?
Why Not Over-The-Counter?

  • Some sports shops and pharmacies sell shoe inserts that are not medically designed and individually made for you.
  • Prescription foot orthotics are custom made for your feet only!
  • Your doctor thoroughly examines your special foot problems. He or she then takes casts, or impressions of your feet.
  • Technicians use your impressions and your doctor's prescription to custom craft your orthotics.


As an adult, you wear different shoes for different activities: on the job, at the gym, in the home. No single orthotic fits every shoe to give effective, all-day foot control. Ask your
doctor to help you choose orthotics that fit your shoes, activities and lifestyle.

For More Comfort...
For increased performance...
For long term pain relief...

Prescription foot orthotics provide the support your feet need to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Ask Dr. Levine about prescription orthotics.


Now Available in Our Office

You don't need to wear closed shoes to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of custom foot orthotics. With sandals built around your custom foot orthotic, your feet can be comfortable around the house, on the beach, or anywhere else you choose to relax.

Available in Two Strap, Three Strap and Clog styles. All styles come in smooth leather, suede leather, or denim. Orthotic Sandals come in Brown, Blue and Black
Many other colors are available. See the display in our office and ask Dr. Levine or Staff for more information on this excellent product.

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