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Cornerstone Therapy for any Wound Healing Program

Oxygen...The body's fundamental mechanism for healing itself! It is essential for any healing process -- especially chronic, recalcitrant open wounds. Oxygen is vital in collagen synthesis, enhancement of fibroblasts, angiogenesis and leucocyte function.

Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen raises tissue oxygen levels at the wound site. The primary indication for topical hyperbaric oxygen is tissue hypoxia. The Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Extremity Chamber pulses topical hyperbaric oxygen at intermittent pressure directly to the wound site. The result...oxygen levels are raised, wounds heal faster and the cost to heal the wound is drastically reduced.


  • Tissue Hypoxia, which includes: chronic wounds, skin ulceration due to diabetes, venous stasis, decubitus ulcers, post surgical infections, amputations/infected stumps, frostbite and bums.
  • Stage II, III and IV Open Wounds:
  • The Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Extremity Chamber can treat virtually all types of wounds and ulcers especially stage III and IV and is a cornerstone of many treatment plans. Deep Ulcers with Exposed Tendons and Bone.

The State of the Art in Wound Healing

Not to be confused with costly full body hyperbaric chambers or expensive, disposable hyperbaric oxygen "bags" that cannot deliver beneficial, pulsating intermittent pressure to the wound site -- the portable, sturdy extremity chamber is unique!

Each treatment Offers:

  • Diffused Oxygen which raises capillary P02 levels at the wound site, stimulating Capillary Budding and granulation of new, healthy tissue.
  • Increased leukocyte Function enhances antibacterial activity and suppresses bacterial growth.
  • Intermittent Pressure which stimulates circulation and reduces edema.
  • A Moist Sealed, Humidification System that is essential to the healing process.

Additional advantages of topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy include low cost and lack of any systemic oxygen toxicity.
And of course...therapy is non-invasive.

Accelerated Wound Healing Through Advanced Technology

Accelerated Wound Healing Through Advanced Technology

The Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Extremity Chamber - Advanced Design Suitable for Any Setting

Portable, lightweight and easy to operate, the chamber is used in the hospital, wound care centers, nursing homes or at home. Available for daily rental by institutions or home use where they are covered by most insurance plans. Chambers may also be purchased.


  1. Obtain a doctor's order prior to initiation of treatment.
  2. Therapy should be utilized on a clean wound or after the wound has been debrided.
  3. Recommended Treatment Time: outpatients -- 60 to 90 minutes once daily.

Inpatients or Home -- 3 hours once a day or 90 minutes twice a day


  1. Culture the wound to determine whether pseudomonas is present. If present, apply a 1/4 to 1/2 of one percent Acetic Acid dressing (one thickness gauze) over the wound during treatment.
  2. Remove all creams, ointments, and dressings prior to application of the chamber, except in the presence of pseudomonas (see Step 1).
  3. The wound should be kept covered after each treatment with an appropriate moist dressing.


A definite change should take place by the 8th treatment -- indicated by a cleaner wound with the formation of new capillaries and islands of granulation tissue.
(Note: results have been observed as early as 2 treatments.)


"Wounds can not differentiate the manner that oxygen is transported. Whether oxygen reaches the nicer bed by hemoglobin or by dissolving through plasma is not important. 'Providing an adequate oxygen gradient from the capillary to the hypoxic tissue bed i,e the only requirement that must be filled in order for tissues to benefit.' Hyperbaric oxygen is the modality of choice to raise tissue oxygen content:"

Dr. Francis Rossi
Podiatry Management, November 1997

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